Nature Creatures

creating art with kidsHere is the project from my last post.  We collected a variety of different flowers, leaves, and twigs and set out to create our nature creatures. You will need a few supplies:

  • thick paper
  • glue
  • black sharpie (my favorite)
  • leaves, sticks, and flowers

There really aren’t too many instructions.  Just tell the kids they are making fairies, creatures, people, animals… whatever they come up with is great.

collecting nature outside

crafting with kids and parents 

There’s one thing kids really want from their parents and it’s to play with them.  Get a piece of paper yourself and create your own little nature creatures. Your kids will appreciate the time with you and you might even enjoy creating them yourself.  One thing I noticed with Slater is that his interest seemed to continue as long as mine did. His creativity began to build and he actually had fun creating his picture.

kids creating with natural things
Slater’s Creation
My Creation

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