About Us

Our core competencies are based in actual experience over time connecting with nature ourselves and involving our own children as well as creating programs to teach children and adults the importance and the how to.

The three of us bring a myriad of talents to our company. Our first strength comes from our relationship as sisters who all have at our core, the desire to better humanity.

Nature Connection SpecialistNicole has been working the last ten years mentoring all ages through connecting with nature. She offers one on one mentoring to adults through the process of introducing nature connection to their own children as well as their communities. She has started programs for adults and children that not only utilize the basic mentoring but also train mentors with the ability to then mentor children. Nicole’s skills are based in being a successful entrepreneur for the past 20 years, primarily working in media production and creating programs and services that connect people with their unique gifts, community and the natural world.


tiffany round

Tiffany has been on her own journey for the last ten years learning about nature and her relationship with the outside world. She has written a book on animal tracking through this process. She has worked with children and adults helping them to feel comfortable with their environment and to embrace it. Tiffany also brings years of experience as a videographer as well as the competency to run our launch program.



alison round

Alison has been late to the nature connection party but in the last year has made strides in coming out of the “going with the flow” attitude and venturing into the unknown world of the outdoors. She has helped to create and run a program for children that utilizes mentoring tools and techniques for engaging with the natural world and is being mentored along the way. Alison has been running a successful photography portrait business for the last eight years and brings business, website development and photography to the table..